Expert Fame Is Just Around The Corner

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Do you ever wonder why the big guys can make a killing and we get left with the scraps?

Well this is what you will learn in this product. Here is an Expert Fame Review for you to get excited about.


Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Great little tip to drive traffic to your blog. Blog comments get a bad name but is because they are misused so much.

Put a stop to that and learn how to do it right and get massive benefit from doing so

What Is Authority & Why You Need It!

Hey guys and here’s my first post, my name is Kevin Beecham and I want to share with you my tips and reviews on tips and strategies from the internet marketing world.

authority website

What is authority? It get’s flung around so much nowadays. There is even a type of website called an authority website.

If your site has authority you are on to a winner. It means that you are the expert in your field, it means you or your brand has a level of trust, to put it simply you are the go-to guy or gal.

You might not think you are an expert in your niche but there is certain things you can do to position yourself so that you appear like the authority. When you do this people will warm to you, and they will become your fans and your name becomes known.

Then when you drop that sales pitch, you are a lot more likely to have your offer snapped up. Trust builds customers!

The first thing when creating a new internet marketing project is to put exact match domains to bed, they scream spam! Authorities are brands!


Think of Smart Passive Income, when you go onto Pat Flynn’s site you have a rough idea of how things will look, or you will have a strong idea of what you will find. This is Pat’s brand, his customers respect him and the proof is in his earnings!

Does Pat use an exact match domain like No, he has a brand name. When you hear Smart Passive Income they immediately think of him. To be honest when I hear of passive income he is the first person I think of.

The next thing you can do is design a beautiful website, and if web design is not your forte, then outsource the job to a professional. Yeah sure you can buy a premium WordPress theme but you also need to customize it or it will just look like everyone else’s your brand becomes shared with thousands.

It’s not a good look trust me!

I am sure you have heard the saying Content is King and when you are trying to build a brand this is more important than ever. If you publish crap then people will think of you and your brand as crap, again not a good look if your goal is to make money online.

Establish a writing style and tone and then as people read more of your content, it become memorable; it stands out, and the best thing you can do is share bits about your life, this helps your readers connect with you, building more trust and a stronger brand!

Your job is to get your readers begging for more when you do that you have cracked it. That is when you will start to see your business change for the better.

To really make your content stand out to your readers and build authority from the outset you should include references and quotes from other authorites in your niche; this builds a connection with them, but it shows your readers that you know what you are talking about as it’s backed up with facts.

The tips I will share on this blog will help you raise your game so stay tuned and… become the authority in your niche.